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Club Rides


Wednesday Night Road Ride 5.30 from The Hub, Stornoway.


Aim is to split into groups depending on ability - fast group will do longer rides usually. Depending on numbers, there will be a second and third group going at steadier pace over shorter distance. Wat ch our facebook page for details and please post to let us know you are coming along.

Other Rides

There will be club rides for both road and mtb rides this year. We aim to build the club by encouraging riders of all abilities to come along - not just the fast ones. There will be regular club rides and many more ad hoc rides arranged by members using the club facebook page to agree time, place and route. By using the facebook page to advertise your ride it can be deemed a club ride and therefore covered by the club's Scottish Cycling insureance policy.

We recommend that riders bring a spare inner tube, tyre levers, a pump and a multi-tool. You’ll need some money for the café or, if a stop isn’t planned, enough food and drink to fuel your ride and dress appropriately for the weather - remember that it may well change over the course of a ride.

Read more about what to expect on a club ride and please read a guide to group riding before coming along - both of these are on the Scottish Cycling website. Time will be taken before each ride to ensure that all riders know what to expect.

Non-members are welcome on all rides but regular attendees will be expected to join the club.



Wednesday night road rides will leave from Bespoke Bicycle Repairs at the foot of Willowglen Road, Stornoway. Rides are usually 20-25 miles with the group deciding the route on the night taking into account the current weather conditions.

Group A will be the fast group who aim to average around 17-20mph. If you can average 16+mph on a one hour solo ride then you should be able to hang on this group because of the drafting benefit of riding in a group. Only join this group if you are confident of your ability - they tend not to take any prisoners!

Groups B will be an intermediate group aimed at riders who can average 14-17mph and Group C for those who can ride 11-14mph for 20 miles. These groups will only be formed if there is enought demand so come along and make it happen.

Cafe Rides will be organised on a monthly basis - keep an eye on facebook for details. They are more of a social ride but again will be divided into groups on the day - faster, stronger riders may well take a longer route to or from the cafe stop.

Donald Thomson leading them out!
Donald Thomson leading them out!


There will be regular club mtb rides again aimed at encouraing all members to get involved.

Weekly rides will leave from Bespoke Bicycle Repairs, Stornoway. They will make use of the Castle Grounds trails. Ideally there will be at least 2 groups - Group A for the stronger most experienced riders who are capable of confidently riding all the recognised Castle Groundds trails, Group B will be for the less experience and will involve an element of coaching so that all members can improve there skills and fitness so that they too can fully enjoy all the trails.

Monthly rides will be arranged through facebook and involve trips to the fabulous riding that Harris has to offer and the special treats that the Lewis coastline has in store for you. Mountain biking in the Hebrides has way more to offer than the traditional trail centre riding to be found in the Caste Grounds - we aim to broaden your horizons!

Looking South East from Griamacleit
Looking South East from Griamacleit


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